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Coromandel Cheese - with Kawakawa

Coromandel Cheese is made on the farm in a purpose built Cheese Factory.The milk used is full cream, non-homogeonised and pasteurised.

The rennet is plant based.

The green bits in the cheese are chopped up, washed and dried Kawakawa leaves picked at Onemana Beach. 

There are a number of health benefits that Kawakawa leaves bring as well a bit of flavour, texture and local culture.

The Milk

The A1 protein has been bread out of the herd, and hence the milk does not have the nasties that 'normal' milk contains. 

The milk is pasteurised to guarantee that it is safe to drink.

The milk is non-homogenised hence it can do with a shake before you pour.

The milk is full cream. If you prefer trim, just decant the cream from the top.

The Little Dairy Company brings you

dairy products produced on the family farm at Whangamata.

Our goal is to deliver good quality, fresh local produce at great value.


The farm

A herd of about 100 cows graze the green pastures of the Wharakawa Valley.

The cows are pure bred holstein friesians and are all certified A2. The herd has a very high breading worth (genetics), it is in the top 10% in New Zealand. 

The farm is semi-organic, stubborn infections are treated with penicillin when necessary.

The farm is big enough to be considered a low 'stock ratio' and small enough for a short stroll for the girls to the cow shed  

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